Fullstack software developer: AWS, Terraform, TypeScript, Python, C

My environment in year 2020 was AWS, Browser Extensions, Terraform, Node.js, TypeScript and Python. The professional background is C, Linux and Open Source. Master's degree in mathematics and informatics.

I program 20 years as work and hobby. I am the author of OpenSource and commercial projects used worldwide. Special skills:

Personal information

Oleg Parashchenko (first name, family name),
42 years old (19.12.1977, Murmansk, USSR),
living in Neufahrn bei Freising (near München airport),
Russian citizenship, unlimited work and stay permit in the European Union.


Employment history

Software developer
Cliqz MyOffrz GmbH (Munich, Germany)
August 2018 - Present

1. Project CHIP Sparalarm: In-Browser Marketing with privacy protection
Environment: WebExtensions, JavaScript ES6

I have

2. Project offers-filter-api: select ads for an URL or a content
Environment: AWS, Terraform, Node.js, TypeScript

3. Data processing

4. Cross-project

Software developer
FDTech GmbH (Munich, Germany)
January 2018 - June 2018

Autonomous driving: environment for validation and permit

Software developer
SOLIN GmbH (Munich, Germany)
February 2017 - December 2017

80% fullstack developer for an Amazon Web Services serverless application (internal BMW project), 20% project manager.

Software developer
Bitplant.de GmbH & Co. IT-Services KG (Heidenheim, Germany)
April 2007 - January 2017

Python, wxPython, C, Java, Scheme R5RS, XML, XSLT 1.0 und 2.0, XProc, LaTeX, FrameMaker, FrameScript (ElmScript), VBA, Open XML, Microsoft Word, Excel, Mac OS X

Data conversion, automatic publishing from XML data. Organizational and technical development of software in complete life cycle. Creating an XML document management system for technical documentation.

xmlhack.ru (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
June 2001 - June 2009

The Russian-speaking XML community.

Software developer
Betresearch Ltd. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
March 2002 - August 2003

Planning, documentation, realization and support of a Web information system, training of users. The system collects data from Web and from users, stores data in database, finds incorrect data and produces interactive reports.

Software developer
InfoCentre Ltd. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
July 1999 - February 2002

Perl, Balise, C, C++, Java, Meta-HTML, JavaScript, XML, SGML.

Realization of SGML- and XML-related projects for Web and paper publishing.

Head of the military student group
Saint-Petersburg State University, Military Faculty (Russia)
September 1997 - June 2000

UNIX system administrator assistant
Saint-Petersburg State University, mathematics faculty (Russia)
September 1997 - June 1999

Installation and support of software, user support, working on security issues.


Master degree: mathematician in the field "Software for computers and automated systems"
Saint-Petersburg State University, mathematics faculty, department of system programming, 1995-2000.

Ph.D study in mathematics and computer science, cancelled due to relocation.
Saint-Petersburg State University, mathematics faculty, department of system programming, 2003-2005.

Self-study (excerpt)
January 2016-now

Scientific, publications


Programming, chess, human languages, sport.

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