Obfuscated C programming.

(Нетривиальное программирование на языке C, russian version)

  I collected a number of obfuscated programs and analyzed them. I de-obfuscated code and add comments to non-trivial constructions.   You can download all these files by one package: obf.tar.gz or obf.zip.
How to unpack:
 $ gunzip obf.tar.gz
 $ tar xf obf.tar
 X:> pkunzip -d obf.zip
  Originally this document was a report for the course "Languages and systems of programming" (Part I, summer of 1997). Lector is Igor O. Odintsov.

  Paper is based on "The Thirteenth International Obfuscated C Code Contest" (13th IOCCC, 1996). IOCCC official homepage is http://www.ioccc.org.

  I'm too lazy to translate all to english. But I was too lazy to convert all to russian when I was building this pages. So a lot of materials are in english. All links to russian from the navigation panel are disabled.

Oleg A. Paraschenko <olpa uucode com>