New software was recently announced in comp.text.tex:

WordML2LaTeX is a meeting point between two titans in word processing: Microsoft Word 2003 and LaTeX2e. It is a XSL stylesheet that transforms a Word document (WordML) in a LaTeX2e source. With it You can use Word as a front end for LaTeX.

It converts XML to LaTeX and it doesn't use TeXML! Very pity. I've written a letter to the author:

To:   ruggdam@....it
Subj: WordML2LaTeX with TeXML?

Hello Ruggero,

I've noticed an announce of WordML2LaTeX in comp.text.tex and looked at it. I can't check how it works as I have no WordML documents. Anyway, the stylesheet looks impressive and interesting for me.

I noticed that you create TeX markup directly from XSLT. This is the reason why I'm writing to you: I'd like to advocate TeXML:


It was created specialy for XML to TeX translation, and I totally satisfied with it. I'm not alone. For example, see:


So I'd like to convince you of the using TeXML in the next version of WordML2LaTeX.

Regards, Oleg

By the way, the stylesheet looks good and covers many formatting issues. The software is available on CTAN in the folder "/support/WordML2LaTeX/" (for example, here).

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