internet outage

Yesterday evening I want to have a nice time after the working week. Unfortunately, etherlink link was dows and Internet was absent. To make things worse, it's unknown when I get the line back.

At the morning the things were more catastrophic for me. I figured out that a floor in building is under repairing, and my network hub was on that floor. There was no any warning from my provider. The provider sucks, but he is monopolist and I can't switch to something else. +1 reason to relocate from this "sovok" place.

Having a sad experience, I know that this state is for long time. I can't live without Internet, so I started to search for an alternate connection.

The first attempt was to bring on GPRS. I gave up somewhere in process of making infrared port working. The second attempt was more successful. I used an ethernet cable to connect to a friend with Internet and now working through him.

Long live friends!