TeXML day

I wanted to work on generative XML, but I had to answer a letter from Paul Tremblay about new release of TeXML. Answering developed into working on TeXML.

First of all, I'd like summarize most important new features introduced by Paul:

* support of standard Pythonic installation of modules,
* namespaces,
* better error handling.

Unfortunately, some Makefiles didn't survive the changes, so I decided to updated them.

I introduced the script "texml_local" to use TeXML without installing it. It is not only convinient to casual users, but also essential to testing new changes.

Having "texml_local", it was easy to update "Makefile" for tests. Surprisingly, all tests were passed. And the "Makefile" for builing distribuition packages is quite generalized to allow simple changes. No problems.

And I submited a pair of bugs: "print to stdout instead of stderr" and "setup.py corrections".

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