going to participate in GTTSE2005

I've submitted an application for participation in the Summer School on Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering.

I'd like also to give a presentation about my ongoing work.

Tentative title: Using DSLs on top of Scheme VM

Tentative abstract:

The idea of using the Scheme programming language itself as a native virtual ma
chine language is advocated.

Any sufficiently good Scheme implementation becomes a Scheme VM implementation. The VMs supposed to be embedded into host applications. Due to a number of Scheme implementations, Scheme programs, and consequently DSLs on top of Scheme, can be reused in a number of host applications on different programming platforms.

We discuss different issues of the embedding, one of which is lazy mapping of data between the host and Scheme. We share practical experience of using Guile Scheme implementation in C programs.

As for programming in Scheme, we highlight such features as macros, compilation to source code and using a sort of AOP.

The running example of domain-specific language is XPath.

Categories: Generative XML science