domains, godaddy, free dns

Now I'm the owner of the quite good domains "" and "". I'm surprised why they were free.

I have some ideas what to do with these domains, but I'm not sure that I'll find a time to implement the ideas. In ant case, domain names were so good that I purchased them.

I used to register the domains. The process was simple, the only problem was to avoid additional paid services.

Before paying, I decided to google for a promo code. There was a lot of them, but the most popular one is "CANDY". I used it and saved 1$ per domain, 2$ total. Not much, but still pleasant.

Today I noticed that GoDaddy created a cybersquatter-like advertisement site on my domain names. I do understand why they did it, but dislike such approach.

At first, I though of throwing away some DNS records, but then decided to redirect them to the IP of one of my sites. The only problem was that at the moment I din't want to pay for DNS services.

Googling for "free DNS" gives a lot of link. I stopped on "Granite Canyon Group". In technical things, I trust "Best Viewed With Any Browser" sites more than super-designed sites. It seems I created zone records incorrect, but I'll fix it later.