plaguarism detection

I developed a tool named GetReuse that smartly calculates a similarity percentage of two texts. At the moment the project is dead, but sometimes I advertise it a bit.

Recently I found a request at rentacoder:

I need a VB.NET implementation of three widely used 'text/pattern' matching algorithms used for detecting plagiarism of English text.

Poster mentioned the following algorightms:

  • YAP3 Algorithm
  • Winnowing
  • MDR Algorithm
  • Moss
  • JPlag

I was not able to hesitate writing a comment:

Dear Sir/Madam,

You wrote:

"I do not want theusual simple text matching algorithm or file differentiating algorithm"

I have a solution named "GetReuse". It's based on scientific research and is one of the most accurate methods.

I'm not going to persuide you to buy GetReuse or use my services (unfortunately, I'm out of business for several months), but you definitely should know about it.

Yours faithfully,

Oleg Paraschenko

Actually, I don't need a reply, but I'd like to get it.