converting XML CALS table to LaTeX

It looks there is a need for a converter from CALS tables to LaTeX. Here is yet another ask in comp.text.tex. Jonathan Fine answers a bit enigmatic, and I answer pessimistic.

I wrote:

I harly believe in such a script. First, there are issues with tables support in LaTeX. Second, CALS tables can be very complicated. Even mature tools don't support the standard in full.

Anyway, such tools exist.

* Some time ago I wrote an XSLT for CALS to TeXML conversion. It even worked for spanned columns and rows, but I finally have thrown the script off. I'm going to try again with more powerful conversion tools, but I don't know when.

* An XSLT converter from David Hedley:

* I remember a Perl converter from SGML CALS tables, but I don't remember an URL.


The same day, now in the xsl list: CALS table model to HTML table conversion

15 Oct 2010, Update

CTAN now has the package cals, which is exactly for CALS tables.

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