Chinese publishing

Without any knowledge of Chinese, I have to publish a Chinese document. Fortunately, I have a source as an utf8-encoded XML.

These remarks should help me later on a new computer.

Two main types of Chinese are:
* simplified and
* traditional.

Simplified is used in the continental China, their encoding is usually "gb2312" (GuoBiao). Traditional is used in Taiwan, their encoding is usually "big5". We should use "simplified".

Any modern Linux distribution has Chinese fonts. Search keywords are "font", "chinese", "gb". On disks with old RedHat8 I found packages "ttfonts-zh_CN-2.11-29" (simplified) and "ttfonts-zh_TW-2.11-15" (traditional).

To view Chinese utf8 files, I use these commands:

  set enc=utf8
  set guifont=-misc-zysong18030-medium-r-normal-*-*-140-*-*-c-*-iso10646-1

I publish through LaTeX. I used the following as the starting point:

To convert XML to LaTeX, I use TeXML. The conversion script should be improved a lot.

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