XSieve 0.0.3

I've just released XSieve 0.0.3. The main changes since XSieve 0.0.2, which was released a week ago, are:

* introduction of examples, and
* improvement of documentation.


* hello: A simple XSieve program.
* hello2: Automatical conversion from XML to SXML and a tool.
* sxml2xml: Automatical conversion from SXML to XML and a tool.
* entities: How to generate entities in the output XML.


* All examples are annotated.
* The SXML extension for entities is described.
* Support of namespaces is explained.

While writing documentation, I found a bug. That's one of the examples why it's good to write documentation and check examples from documentation.

The nearest plans are:

* make a big test using the DocBook XSL stylesheets,
* fix bugs,
* make sure that existing SXML tools work in XSieve.

XSieve home and project pages:


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