WingDings font in LaTeX

My documents should use WingDings font, so I've added the font to LaTeX. It wasn't easy task because (1) the font is True Type (2) the font encoding is non-standard.

During work on the task, I was logging my actions. I think my notes can help to install other special True Type fonts, such as WebDings and similar. The text implies that a reader has experience of installing Type1 fonts.


From WINGDING.TTF (standard Windows font)

wingding.afm, wingding.pfb


$ ttf2pt1 -a -b wingding.ttf


$ ttf2afm -c xx wingdings.ttf
$ mv xx.e10 wingding.enc

plus manual correction: /Encoding1 to /WingdingEncoding


afm2tfm wingding.afm -T wingding.enc wingding.tfm


In usual places. Use the names "pwdr.pfb", "pwdr.tfm", "wingding.enc"

In the map file:

pwdr Wingdings-Regular " WingdingEncoding ReEncodeFont " <wingding.enc <pwdr.pfb


\\ProvidesFile{upwd.fd}[2005/09/23 font definitions for U/pwd.]
\\DeclareFontShape{U}{pwd}{m}{n}{< ->pwdr}{}

Don't forget to run:

$ texconfig rehash


Windows logo: \\Pisymbol{pwd}{255}

Font table

Use "nfssfont.tex".

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