avoiding space before and after list in a table cell

The problem is best described by someone else's question:

I'm trying to use the generic list environment inside a longtable. Unfortunately I get unexpected space above and below the list environment. If I use the same list between normal paragraphs, this extra space is not there.

Any ideas?

Recently a similar question was asked in comp.tex.tex, and I answered.

Probably the "res" package uses some tabular environment. It seems that unneeded vertical space before and after a list in a cell is a known problem without a good solution. In your case, instead of hardcoding sizes, I'd try something like this (probably, with \null):


I don't know why \topset doesn't work. I suspect that that table cell starts in the horizontal mode, and when a list adds a break penalty, TeX creates an empty paragraph due to switching from the horizontal mode to the vertical mode.

By the way, for my longtables I use the following commands:


Probably it's only a coincide that these commands work for me.

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