loading libraries in XSieve

For my XTech paper, I need an example of usage of XSieve in practice. So, I finally have written a code which was in the mind for two months (more on it later, it worths a separate post). As I started to make a redistributable package, I got a problem.

An XSieve stylesheet starts with

(load "my-library.scm")

What happens if you install this stylesheet somewhere in /usr/share/... and use from the home directory? Right, load doesn't find my-library.scm, and the stylesheet fails.

Very frustrating.

Workaround through the environment variable GUILE_LOAD_PATH is possible, but I don't like it.

Finally, I've updated XSieve a bit. Now XSieve automatically adds directories with XSieve stylesheets to the Guile load path. And instead of load, stylesheets should use load-from-path:

(load-from-path "my-library.scm")

At the moment, this feature is in CVS only, but I think I'll release a new version in the near future.

Categories: XSieve