XSieve slides and remarks

The slides of my XTech 2006 presentation "XSieve: extending XSLT with the roots of XSLT" are online as PDF. The paper is available as HTML and PDF.

I got a positive feedback after presenting XSieve. But why I'm not blogged? I sure I mentioned something worth noting or discussing. For example:

* If we implement an XML transformation library in some traditional language, we get a poorly re-implemented XPath and XSLT.

* Buzzword candidate "gestalt entity".

* S-expressions and XML are different, incompatible creatures.

* XML virtual machine as Scheme plus SXML.

Meanwhile, I'd like to say thanks to Eric van der Vlist. I borrowed a laptop from him for the presentation.

What I disliked most during XTech, it's absence of printed proceedings. It's a great fault. But probably I'm the only one who needs it.

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