TeXML 2.0: what’s new

Following the request in xml-dev:

What's new/changed in 2.0?

I'm sorry I haven't described changes in the announce. I decided that the userbase of TeXML is relatively small, therefore most list subscribers prefer the full list of features instead of new changes.

The latest announced TeXML version was 1.20: http://lists.xml.org/archives/xml-dev/200411/msg00320.html

Comparing to it:

* Rework of documentation
* Support for international publishing
* - element "pdf" generates utf16be strings (PDF unicode literals)
* - regardless of the output encoding, output bytes can be ascii-only
* ConTeXt support
* TeXML can be used as a Python module
* Standard pythonic installation
* Switched to MIT license
* Moved from http://getfo.sourceforge.net/texml/ to http://getfo.org/texml/

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