consodoc is referenced

While searching if anyone noticed Consodoc, I found a Spanish document: Introducción a las tecnologías y estándares XML by Manuel Collado. Here is a bit of English Google translation:

Alternatives to XSL-FO

Other languages for description of the presentation with style exist, that can be used like alternative to XSL-FO. The idea is to turn document XML to that other language, and soon to process it with the corresponding specific tool. The most interesting option is perhaps the cradle in Tex/Latex, for which there are some developed utilities already:

* TeXML is a transcription to XML of the noticeable Latex. There is a utility XSLT to turn TeXML to LaTeX, and thus to process it soon like any other document Latex.
* ConTeXt is an alternative to Latex that also is supported by TeXML.
* Consodoc is a utility that facilitates the repetition of manual corrections in intermediate the TeXML annotation. (Correction from me: corrections are on the LaTeX level, not on the TeXML level.)

In any case it seems that the XML to TeXML transformation requires a particular program XSLT for each language of noticeable XML (just as since it would be made to transform to XSL-FO). The advantage of TeXML or ConTeXt is that this initial transformation can be simpler than to generate Latex directly. On the other hand the entusiatas of Latex say that documents printed with better typesetter quality are obtained than the obtained ones with the XSL-FO to PDF processors.

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