obfuscating PHP code

Recently I needed to obfuscate PHP code. Nothing fancy, no bullet-proof protection needed. The goals were:
* complicate removing of license protection by an unexpierenced person, and
* prevent code re-use by a third party.

Few options a found in Google (in no specific order):

* Phrozen - PHP encoder
* iddin - The PHP-Obfuscator
* Thicket(tm) Obfuscator for PHP
* Online PHP obfuscator
* Encode and Obfuscate PHP Scripts

The first thing I was able to run was POBS, therefore I continued with it.

I love open source. Having sources, one can tune a tool. In my case, I needed that an obfuscator were able to run from command line. I played a bit with POBS and got success.

Thanks, Mark and Frank, for POBS!

Categories: PHP