notes on compiling XSieve for Windows

Some time ago I tried to compile XSieve for the win32 platform. I was partially successfull, I compiled everything except of the XSieve DLL itself. I'm not going to repeat the attempt in the near future, and I have to do something with the notes. The simplest solution is to put the notes to the blog for future reference.


Notes on compiling for Win32

1) First install MinGW, and only then MSYS. Then MSYS correctly integrates with MinGW

2) libtool -- install separately

3) GMP

-- for configure

*) GMP: can't be both shared & dynamic.
Had to say guile --shared

*) regex.0.12 -- by hand. see forconf.


Notes on compiling libxml2 and libxslt


1) libxml should made fix in area of xmlversion.h

libxml: -liconv -lws2_32 (+-lthread?)

2) xml-config from xml-configin manually, with corrected modules settings

3) libxslt: correct libdir (iconv should be installed to c:\...)

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