submission for gttse’2007 is rejected

Unfortunately, I'm not going to speak at gttse'2007 participants workshop. My extended abstract (Recursion-free XPath 1.0 implementation) was rejected, the comment from the reviewers is below.

This is interesting, technical work which should be published somewhere. Unfortunately, the link to generative programming or software transformations is a bit too weak. Also, a 2 pages abstract should not be so technical but rather place the work in a context and clarify its originality. Also, the paper should say more clearly why "less recursion" is desirable. Finally, the paper comes a with "universal critique" of XPath papers; that's somewhat harsh and generic for a scientific publication. (There are normally reasonable reasons for abstracting away certain details in papers on XML.)

Well, I agree to it (except the last two sentences). More, with the fresh look I found I mixed at least three things together:

* A cool technical development
* Creating an use case for algebra of programming
* "Universal critique" of XPath papers

Meanwhile, I got a nice question, what is the principal difference of my work and XQuery and XPath semantics. I feel there is difference, but I can't find it. Still thinking.

Categories: Generative XML science