towards monetarization

I've decided to get money from my sites. No, I don't desperately need money. Actually, what I want to fix is the following. I see that my resources can bring some wealth, but currently they are wasted. Too bad.

The main source of income are

Google AdSense and SEO links. Less known sources and useful tips can be found in the document "Make Money Online With John Chow dot Com and learn how I went from Zero to over $10,000 a month by blogging." by John Chow.

However, there is a big problem. Without traffic you earn nothing. And organic traffic grows very slow. To stimulate it, you need to advertise.

But how do you know if your advertising works? You need to track and estimate ROI (return of investment). These gory details are explained nowhere. I'm going to reveal them. Subscribe to RSS.

One of the main tools is the web site statistics. Not that funny diagrams produced by the standard software, but statistics which can be used as a guide to success. It's a topic for the next post.

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