putting advertisement blocks on a blog

Earlier, my AdSense ads were hardcoded into my WP template files. But now I want to experiment with other ads. I need to rotate the ads often, and the old solution isn't satisfactory. Here is a short list of the requirements:

* admin interface to define HTML code of ads
* define ad areas
* assign ads to the ad areas
* optionally: assign a probability to each ad

Surprisingly, the solution is exists: WPAds is a simple, but powerful tool. It has everything what I need. Installed.

I defined three ad areas on my blog:

* sidebar
* after post
* inside the post, after the target for the link "Read the rest of this entry"

The placement of the first area is defined in the file "sidebar.php":

<?php if (function_exists('wpads')) { wpads('sidebar'); } ?>

In the same way, the second area is placed in the file "single.php".

Placing the third area is more tricky. I'll talk about it later.

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