LaTeX to EPS

I'm a bit furious. I spent a lot of time on getting EPS from LaTeX. Portability of PostScript and PDF is a great myth. This idea works only in theory. But in practice, one has to struggle with buggy software.

Finally, I've found a working sequence of conversion commands.

cp latex/312nn081.tex tmp/312nn081.tex

cd tmp; latex 312nn081.tex

dvips -E -o tmp/312nn081.eps tmp/312nn081.dvi

pstoedit -f ps -dt tmp/312nn081.eps tmp/

ps2epsi tmp/ tmp/312nn081_2.eps

../pictures_converter/bin/epstosmth --gsdev=tifflzw \
       tmp/312nn081.eps --outfile=tmp/312nn081.tif

epstool --add-user-preview tmp/312nn081.tif tmp/312nn081_2.eps \

I already wrote about "epstosmth":

The main feature of EPS files produced this way:

Both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe FrameMaker open the EPS files without complaints.

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