symbolic and hard links under win32

To my surprise, symbolic and hard links are partially supported even by windows 2000. Here is a small summary:

``How to create a symbolic link under Win2K, WinXP, and above?'' -- this google-answers document was my starting point.

My notes:

CreateHardLink function establishes a hard link between an existing file and a new file. This function is only supported on the NTFS file system, and only for files, not directories.

CreateSymbolicLink function creates a symbolic link. Requires Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008.

And finally, junctions or reparse points (from

A file or directory can contain a reparse point, which is a collection of user-defined data. The format of this data is understood by the application which stores the data, and a file system filter, which you install to interpret the data and process the file.

This feature can be used to create links to directories. It is exactly what I need!

The tool to exploit the feature: Junction v1.05.