ripping a dvd

In the most cases, people use mplayer and mencoder (under Linux). For my goals, ffmpeg is enough.

Sample sh-file:

for i in 01 02 03 ... NN; do
  ffmpeg -i /x/VIDEO_TS/VTS_${i}_1.VOB -s qvga ff/file${i}.avi;

As I reencode chess training video, I don't need high quality. The size "qvga" (320x240) is optimal.

In case of problems with sound (occured once to me), one needs to check if the channel is right. And if not, use a correct one:

ffmpeg -i /x/VIDEO_TS/VTS_10_1.VOB -map 0:0 -map 0:2 -s qvga xxx.avi

To join chunks of video to a continuous video, use avimerge.

Initially, I was going also to hardcode subtitles to video. The action sequence was:

* Extract a subtitle channel
* Join a video channel with a subtitle channel
* Extract an audio channel
* Join the two new channels

The first step can be done in different ways. For example (not the best):

tccat -i ~/Najdorf.iso -T 1 >eee 2>rrr
cat eee | tcextract -x ps1 -t vob -a 0x20 >subs
subtitle2vobsub -o english -i /x/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_0.IFO < subs 

Hardcode subtitles to video:

mplayer ffch1.vob -sub english -nosound -noframedrop -dumpvideo

Unfortunately, my mplayer gets some internal error in this mode. Therefore, I gave up the idea of hardcoding subtitles.

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