multimedia over network I

I want to:

* run a program on a work PC, and
* see and hear it in action on a leisure PC.

The first attempt is failed, therefore I started to search for a solution using the step-by-step approach. The first step is to make sure that multimedia over networks works at all.

After some research, I found the tool ``VideoLAN - VLC media player''. Video streaming is one of the main features of the tool.

The documentation explains what to do to:


Important settings (probably suboptimal, but they work -- it's enough for start):
* RTP: On, address, port // address is where to send, not where to bind
* Video: On
* Audio: On

The first test: make sure that streaming to works.

The second test: make sure that streaming to the same computer (but with an external IP, not works.

The third, final test, is to stream to another computer.

Command line

A correct command line for streaming can be found somewhere in GUI. In my vlc 0.9.1:

* go to Media->Streaming,
* select a file,
* press the button "Stream",
* after setting options, borrow the text from the field "Generated stream output string".

My test command line (on the streaming PC):

$ cvlc lalalalala.avi --sout '#transcode{vcodec=mp1v,vb=80

To play video (on the multimedia PC):

$ cvlc rtp://@leisure_ip:1234
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