Fritz und Fertig (= and Chesster) works in Wine under Mac OS X

Frintz and Fertig (english version: "Learn to Play Chess with Fritz and Chesster", russian: "Большое шахматное путешеÑ?твие") is a great children game. I found it works stable under Wine.

Actually, there is a Mac OS X version of the original Fritz und Fertig, but the child prefers to communicate in Russian language. And the localized version (by the way, suprisingly quite good) is a nightmare from the technical side. It requires a russian windows of some specific version, I'd be not surprised if the game does not work in the standard modern environment.

Fortunately, the game works perfectly under wine.

Installation notes for myself.

Install the crossover wine (I don't know if the vanilla wine is ok) from macports:

$ sudo port install wine-crossover-games

Some windows things are required:

$ wine regssvr32 ole32

The game requires the CD. I made an iso-image. The image should be mounted to /volumes/FRITZ, this path is constructed somehow automatically.

To start the installation process, I had to copy all the files from CD to a temporary directory and edit .ini and rename some files to avoid cyrillic letters in the file names.

Further setup after installation:

In dosdevices:

$ ln -s /volumes/FRITZ d:

Rename the installation folder to remove spaces in the directory and file names.

A directory should be created, probably "users/login_name". I don't remember its name. Use wine with a debug flag to find it out if the game does not start.

Finally, running:

$ LANG=ru_RU.cp1251 wine ~/.wine/drive_c/....../fritz.exe

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