vmware 8.0.5 (and maybe 8.0.4) on kernel 3.7.5-std-pae-alt1

Each kernel upgrade causes a pain with vmware. This time (3.7.5 with PAE option) is not an exception. However, only two manual interventions were required to compile vmware kernel modules.

1) As often, vmware can't find kernel headers. This time I can't blame vmware: it looks for "kernel.h", but this file is missed for some reason.

I've temporary copied it to the directory, where vmware looks for it (in my case).

cp /usr/src/linux-3.7.5-std-pae/include/generated/uapi/linux/version.h \

Now the system compiles the modules.

2) But loading of "Blocking file system" failed.

"dmesg" suggested that "vmblock.ko" contained an undefined reference to "putname". Internet suggested that the name should be "__putname".

* Re-start compilation of modules
* Stop the process at some moment (Ctrl+Z)
* Go to the compilation directory of the vmware (/tmp/.private/root/vmware-root/modules)
* Delete vmblock.o
* Go to the subdirectory "vmblock-only"
* Say "make clean"
* Find where "putname" is used (linux/control.c)
* Change to "__putname", save
* Say "make"
* Find "vmblock.ko" and copy it to (in my case) "/lib/modules/3.7.5-std-pae-alt1/misc".
* Continue vmware process ("fg")

Now vmware starts and works.

3) Delete no more needed file "version.h"

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