from an audiodisk to a mp3 player

My sequence to grab audiobooks from a cd to hear later on a mp3 player. Grab as mp3:

abcde -o mp3

The program makes the job perfectly.

But the mp3 player (Samsa Clip+, I like it) is not much smart, or I don't read manuals carefully. When I return to the folder with an audiobook, the player can't remember which track to play. And I neither.

Fortunately, the position inside an mp3 file is saved, and the player suggests to resume play. Therefore, on the step2 I make one big mp3 from tracks.

mp3wrap file.mp3 tracks_folder/*3

The last finement is to update mp3 tags, which are filled by controlinformation for mp3wrap and which I don't need.

id3tag -Atitle -stitle file.mp3
id3tag -Atitle -stitle -tX -TY file.mp3
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