mocking microservices for functional tests

Here are a few links which helped me to understand what to use to mock microservices with REST API. Just for a case, I've choosen wiremock because I need Java and saboteur functionality.

A summary on approaches for microservices testing: Working Locally with Microservices.

TDD of Python microservices by Michał Bultrowicz at EuroPython 2016. Slides. Video.

The presentation points to:

* WireMock (Java)
* Pretenders (Python)
* Mountebank (JavaScript) plus mountepy as python binding

An easy way to start with WireMock is to workout the open-source wiremock workshop by Bas Dijkstra.

Finally, there are use cases:

* Тестирование в Яндексе. Сам себе web-service over SSH, или как сделать заглушку для целого сервиса (in Russian)
* The Journey of Testing with Stubs and Proxies in AWS

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