Running GF-RGL

The GF Resource Grammar Library is the standard library for Grammatical Framework. It covers the morphology and basic syntax of over 30 languages. The GF project is big, and it is hard for outsiders to start using GF-RGL. This post summarizes my first steps which can be repeated by others.

First, GF self should be installed as described on its site. I used a deb-package, so that the executable is installed as `/usr/bin/gf`.

I cloned RGL from its git repository ``. My setup command was:

./ --dest=~/opt/gf-rgl/opt --gf=/usr/bin/gf --verbose

Files were installed into the directory `~/opt/gf-rgl/opt`. To understand how to use them, I searched github for rgl projects and found gf-matrix. Again, cloned the repository and tried to make anything. The following commands worked:

export GF_LIB_PATH=/home/my-user-name/opt/gf-rgl/opt
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