My name is Oleg. Glad to meet you on my homepage.

I'm an open-source and freelance developer in the area of technical documentation. My main research interests are XML technologies and generative programming.




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LaxModules: many manuals from a single source
SfsI logo Software für schreibende Ingenieure
Software for engineers making documentation



Different works

I have no free time, so I can't publish all my works. Many of them are internal projects, just for fun.

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XSieve is an XML transformation language based on combination of XSLT 1.0 and a Lisp dialect Scheme. XSieve is an alternative to XSLT 2.0.
find with XPath over file system
The standard UNIX utility find now supports XPath.
sTeXme = TeX + Scheme
The TeX extension “sTeXme” allows to manipulate TeX internals using the Scheme programming language.
Lazy pairs for Guile
Lazy car and cdr for the Scheme list representation of C tree-like structures.
Scheme runtime environment in Python.
Python GUI wrapper for a long operation
A complete Python Tkinter application demonstrates one of the ways to implement a good GUI wrapper for a long operation: with a progress bar, log messages, cancelling.
GetReuse helps you to identify text that is reused in different places. Thereby you can eliminate duplication and contradictory information, and assemble a pool of reusable fragments.
VIM syntax highlighting for FrameScript.
Transfer your XML data between applications using simple plain-text notation.
XML and Perl. Russian encoding pack for XML::Parser. Filtering SAX events: include functionality and 8bit DOM instead of UTF8. Module for more productive use of XML::DOM.
Rusconv (in Russian).
Converter of Russian codepages version 3.11, freeware, with sources. Rusconv is an alternative to iconv and recode for regular mass-converting.


A lot of writings are in my blog.
Ползунятка Румба
Personal impressions on iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot (in Russian).
Как я провел лето
An article for Computerra about my Google Summer of Code 2005 experience (in Russian).
Разработка свободного программного обеспечения
Seminar on Free Software Development for the 3rd year students of SPbSU (in Russian).
Порождающее программирование и язык XSLT
Summary of the talk “Generative Programming and XSLT” (in Russian).
FrameMaker under Wine, CrossOver Office and VMWare
Compiling Python with MinGW gcc under Windows
phpBB antispam solution
Obfuscated C Programming.
Review of "The Thirteenth International Obfuscated C Code Contest" (13th IOCCC, 1996). I made an HTML interface to de-obfuscated code and comments (sorry, but comments are only in Russian version).


Oleg A. Paraschenko <olpa uucode com>