T-shirt for the conference

I don’t make any presentation at the GTTSE 2005, but I want to share my ideas and get feedback. Specially for this conference, I’ve ordered and got a T-shirt with the buzz word “Generative XPath”, this blog URL and words “Scheme” and “[La]TeX”.

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  1. Martin Bravenboer Says:

    Hi Oleg,

    Well, that will sure make it much easier to recognize you at GTTSE! ;) i’m visiting the GGTSE summer school as well (as a student and technology presenter of DSL applications Stratego/XT). I found your blog a few months ago by Googling for GPCE. I appreciate the way you write about your research. You are very open about what you are doing. I’ll try to find some time to read your “Generative XML” paper for GTTSE, but anyway I’m sure that we’ll have plenty of time to discuss our work :) .

    Congratulations with your Summer of Code project!

  2. olpa Says:

    (sorry for delay, I’m travelling now)

    Hi Martin,

    thanks for the message and congratulations! I’m really believe in what I’m doing, so I’m always ready to evangelize my and related developments. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not.

    I hope to advocate well at GTTSE,but I’m afraid we have too few time there. The program is very tight.

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