better multiple pages per sheet

The utility psnup puts multiple logical PostScript pages onto each physical sheet of paper. Unfortunately, I’ve found that I don’t like result. I’ve got a better result after playing with pstops:

cat ~/ | \\
pstops '2:0L@.6(19.5cm,1cm)+1L@.6(19.5cm,14cm)' -pa4 >

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  1. Krunoslav Tomorad Says:

    Thanks a lot!!!

    I’ve been searching for a long time for a replacement for psnup — it’s great but I don’t have enough control over postscript to make wanted changes. Now, I know how to make perfect pages per sheet :-)

    Once again, thanks a lot!

    Best wishes,

  2. olpa Says:

    And don’t miss the super-tool psnup2:

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