online syntax highlighting

Code examples are more readable when code is highlighted. To assist with highlighting, I’ve just released a simple online colorizer Comments are welcome. Feel encouraged to populate this link.

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  1. 123yarox Says:

    Thanks, this is a very helpful tool :)

  2. Prasanna S Says:

    This is a very cool and handy tool, appreciate your efforts, but one constructive feedback from my side would be to enhance further, I am having some issues with adding the HTML Syntax highlighting code with my blog post entries.

  3. bfed Says:

    This is extremely useful. Could you publish the code with some license (copyleft is fine)? I’d like to start some community development around this. Vim with plugins does all of this but I’d like to start from some base. Thanks.

  4. olpa Says:

    Hello bfed,

    the support of is overtaken by [hidden], his address can be found on the main page of the site. He has promised to publish the sources on github.

  5. laputa Says:

    Hi, I just found your blog from, but the maintainer changed to ‘Agilis IT Australia’. So I came here and ask, is the source code avaliable at github yet? If not, can you tell me what was the highlight tool used at the backend? I’m trying to find a Cobol highlight tool, which you site supports. Thanks in advance!

  6. olpa Says:

    I’m afraid that there is no code on github yet. The backend is colorer:

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