phpBB Antispam HOWTO

Supporting community sites causes pain. One of the new pains is phpBB spam. I’ve collected my recommendations in the article “phpBB Antispam HOWTO“.

5 Responses to “phpBB Antispam HOWTO”

  1. 123Jonahan Says:

    I have a new phpbb anti-spam install that actually works with no other mods needed. Finally, we can stop these spammin’ bastards!

    Checkit at my site…. and all the best of luck…

  2. olpa Says:

    Hi Jonahan, you’ve spammed everything! You are my competitor. However, I don’t delete your posts. Why? I don’t know.

  3. newlz Says:

    So where is this Mod thingy

  4. newlz Says:

    Oh I see! Sorry to be a nuisance, where can I get that code so it asks for the user to type ‘Hello”. I had to abandon my boards due to spammage

  5. olpa Says:

    That’s nice MOD is Textual Confirmation or Advanced Textual Confirmation:

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