s-expressions vs xml

I’ve dumped some my thoughts to text. Result is a draft of a possible paper: “Towards s-expression based XPath/XSLT implementation“.

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  1. Terje Norderhaug Says:

    The introduction to your essay proposes that if “Lisp languages are ideal for implementing XML standards […] Then why we don’t have an XSLT processor written in Common Lisp?

    However, the Interaction web application server has included a Common Lisp based XSLT processor for more than a decade. Interaction also implements other XML related standards in Common Lisp, and was AFAIK the first web application server to embrace XML.

  2. olpa Says:

    I don’t know why xslt 1.0 was not implemented, maybe because people could transform xml with lisp itself, without less powerful xsl 1.0. As of xslt 2.0, and 2nd version of xml standards, it is not fun to work on commitee-designed bloated standards.

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