Generative XPath is released

Generative XPath (0.9.1) is an XPath 1.0 processor that can be adapted to different hierarchical memory structures and different programming languages. Customizing Generative XPath to a specific environment is several magnitudes of order easier than implementing XPath from scratch.

Generative XPath will be announced at XML Prague 2007:


Home page:

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  1. Bacek Says:

    (Hey, is dead.)

    Do you have any benchmarks for your XPath implementation?

  2. olpa Says:

    At the moment, not so good. The style of the compiled code is “good for optimizer”, but the optimizator isn’t written (yet).

    The worst, unhonest case. Generative XPath on top of a few layers vs native libxml2 XPath: 30 times slower.

    Bad case: “//a[b]” vs manually written (a variant of this): 20 times slower.

    Normal: vs SXPath: 2 times slower.

    But I expect that after even trivial optimizations, I’ll beat libxml2.

    > is dead
    Under construction.

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