TeXML is alive and well

Due to a long period of inactivity in TeXML project, I’ve just been asked if the project is still supported. The answer is yes!

I use TeXML in production, it’s an important part of our new publishing process.

Why the project is inactive? Because no bugs are reported for the version 2.0.1, released on 19 July 2006 (today is 10 April 2008). If it works well, why bother to change anything?

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  1. Patrick Says:

    my name is Patrick and i’m from Germany. I was working on a method to convert several Wiki site’s to an PDF. To convert the wikisite’s to xml i take the programm mwlib which is installed on our Server. But when i run texml via texml.py, there’s always an error and the output file is empty.

    best regards

    Patrick Schickner

  2. olpa Says:

    Hi Patrick, I think the error you get is not fatal and can be easily fixed. However, I need more information: which file you gives to texml.py, what is the error message. Send it to olpa@this_domain, I’ll check what could be wrong.

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