latex cals tables version 2.2

I’ve updated “cals” package — multipage tables with wide range of features — to version 2.2. In the new version, alignment of tables should work. Also, I’ve added hooks for the package “bidi” (right-to-left writing support). CTAN is updated, and the coming TeX Live 2013 should include the new version.

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  1. Sveinung Heggen Says:

    It seems that a previous error in calstable has returned. If you place a calstable inside a centering- or rightalign-environment, it will still be left aligned. If you use “pdflscape” an place a calstable inside a landscape environment it is always right aligned. See

    This is the same bug that was reported in 2013:

    It seems that the same issue has returned, either due to an change in LaTeX or i cals.

    cals is so a useful package, so I really hope that you are able to fix the issue very soon

  2. Sveinung Heggen Says:

    Some hours ago, I left a comment regarding calstable not respecting centering environment. I had overseen the possibility to use optional arguments.

    My apologies1

  3. Administrator Says:

    Thanks for submitting the issues to github!

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