Multi-page table with inter-row page breaks

Usually it is a bad idea to break table inside a row. But people do want it. Once I sketched a quick dirty hack for latex cals package and since then I’ve got several support requests. It seems now I have to support the code.

The current version can be found as github gist: tblbrk.tex.

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  1. Sergei Says:

    This works well, but only when the table row is divided into two parts. When there is a table cell that should share three pages, the code does not work.

  2. Sveinung Heggen Says:

    Yesterday, I issued two bug reports at Github:

    1. Colour leakage if you use the command \color{} inside a cell. Not only the rest of the tabular is colourised, but also text coming after the tabular.

    2. cals does not handle linebreaks in left aligned cells correctly. Text overflows to the next cell. It seems that cals does not take into account the left and right padding when calculating the column width available for typesetting text.

    Hopefully, those issues can be fixed within short time, because cals is a very useful package.

    Kind regards

    Sveinung Heggen
    Skui, Norway

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