Making FM menus

It's hard to create menu scripts for FrameMaker, even with help of FrameScript because there are a lot of details. So several months ago I wrote a generator of FrameScript (fslgen). Now I create XML-file with description of desired menu structure, describe handlers and properties, and the generator does all the dirty work.

When the software appeared first, it was a kind of experiment and just a tool to simplify my work. But now the generator is so essential part of the development process, that I can't understand how I programmed without it.

Right now I've finished alpha version of a maker of folios. There are a lot of PDFs possible which differ only in variants. In my solution, the possible variants and the differences are described in FrameMaker itself. fslgen takes the description and produces appropriate menus and scripts. A screenshot (click here for better view):

generated FrameMaker menu

Quite impressive, isn't it? And what's the more important -- users can change the menu structure without a programmer!

Categories: FrameMaker