TeXML: any encoding as ASCII

The TeXML development version 1.27 brings new essential functionality: "--ascii" parameter. Now it's possible to generate plain ASCII TeX files in a desired encoding. Non-ascii bytes are encoded as "^^XX".

The folder "tests" contains the file "chinese1.xml" which is a working example of Chinese TeXML/LaTeX file:

	<cmd name="documentclass" nl2="1">
	<cmd name="usepackage" nl2="1">
	<cmd name="usepackage" nl2="1">
	<cmd name="usepackage" nl2="1">
	<env name="document">
		<env name="CJK">

("世界,你好!" should mean "Hello, World!", but I'm not sure)

After processing it with TeXML (options "--encoding utf8 --ascii"), you get the following result:


There are also minor improvements in the new version:

* TeXML issues a warning if an XML symbol isn't converted to TeX and printed as '&#xNNN;'

* Refactoring. Code for tuning output stream is moved from "handler.py" to "texmlwr.py".

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