InsetPlus, Structure Tools

Russ Ward (West Street Consulting) have announced a beta version of InsetPlus, a FrameMaker plugin for managing documents that consist of reusable text modules.

A long time ago Russ asked for feedback on advanced query possibilities for structured documents in FM, and provided some prototype examples. I suggest to use XPath instead of his syntax. Result is FrameSLT.

Now I'm going to recommend to use XInclude instead of his syntax. Also, to avoid "grade A horrible sentences" in documentation, it's possible to look at the text of the XInclude specification.

The next point is the approach in the whole. From the abstract:

InsetPlus is a structure-based replacement for native text inset functionality. By using structural markup to contain and reference inset modules, it overcomes many of the limitations of native text inset functionality and provides the following benefits...

Unfortunately, structure-based approach isn't good for FM (I hope I'm wrong). Some issues:

* Need to modify EDD and DTD.
* Context-based formatting might stop working.

So, in our work, we continue to use naive text inset functionality and a set of FrameScripts.

Near InsetPlus I found another utility Structure Tools. Among its feature, one makes me sad:

...expand/collapse elements in the Structure View...

It is not very different from my Tree Help plugin.

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