hello sendmail

I've purchased a Virtual Private Server for my new project. The first thing to do is to make mail working. Initially, I want the most trivial setup: all domain mail should be forwarded to my gmail account.

I've refreshed my sendmail skills. (When I was young, I came to our faculty computer center and said I want to become a system administrator. The answer was "Wonderful! Please install and configure sendmail for the faculty mail.")

Refreshing took some time, so I'm fixating the steps in the blog for future reference.

To ask sendmail to accept the mail for the domain, add to /etc/mail/local-host-names an entry:


To forward domain mail to my gmail account, add to /etc/mail/virtusertable an entry:

@consodoc.com   olepar@gmail.com

Convert plain text to database:

# makemap hash /etc/mail/virtusertable.db < /etc/mail/virtusertable

The next step is to restart sendmail or to send SIGHUP signal. I don't need it because sendmail is run not as daemon, but from xinetd.

That's all.