Roomba is our all

Now I'm not so excited as earlier, but I can't miss Dr. Macro's post about Roomba.

He writes:

This is something I would have never bought for myself but now that I have it I wonder how I ever lived without it.

I'm +1 to his statement and I want to add some comments.

Roomba is one of the "right things", and it was immediately obvious after unpacking.

This device isn't just a device. It's also a toy. Even our hausfrau, quite an old woman, was excited to watch Roomba working.

Being a wonderful toy, Roomba also is a very good vacuum cleaner. Our hausfrau pays a lot of attention to cleaning the rooms and makes it very carefully. But. In sum, Roomba worked several hours and we emptied Roomba several times. Where Roomba found dust -- I don't know.

Roomba works automatically while human can do something useful. It's very, very important because I hate cleaning and I'm not alone in it.

Roomba is flat and short. As result, it cleans under beds and other places which are not accessible with a usual cleaning device.

Roomba is very useful to those who have babies. Dust is the main source of allergia, and you don't have dust with Roomba.

The last, but not the least, is the human interface. Roomba has only 4 buttons (one of them is power) and infrared controller. Even I can understand and use the device.

Meanwhile, I've heard rumour that Roomba AI is written in Lisp. It would be nice if it so.

Unfortunately, I had unpleasant moments. We purchased Roomba on Ebay. Very rare thing happened: the parcel was lost by the post. Ok, it actually was a bit of luck, because we ordered an old model. The second Roomba SE arrived without surprises and we all loved it. But at some unhappy moment it stopped sucking. We sent Roomba to repair, but got a new device instead of repairing. It's hard to say if it's good or bad. On the one side, new is better, on the other side, Roomba is like a home pet. Would you like to replace your pet?

And yes, as said a cosmonaut in the film "armageddon": "Components. American components, Russian Components, all made in China!" I wonder if Roomba brothers and sisters for US army are also made there.

Anyway, Roomba is a great device, and I'm happy to have it.