discrimination of the europeans

Recently I got a complaint from an european user who wanted to buy bbAntiSpam. He was unpleasantly surprised that the actual price was two times more than the declared price.

I use Plimus as re-seller. The price at Plimus was $19.97.

Most europeans prefer to pay ebay/amazon/etc by wire transfer from their online bankings. It's free and convinient.

The user decied to pay to Plimus the same way. To his surprise, he was charged additional fees:
* for international transfer,
* for manual processing on Plimus side.

As result, $19.97 becomes $36.17. Unbelievable!

The easiest solution I found is to add a note:

The recommended payment method is credit card. Alternatives might cause additional fees. European users who want to pay by wire transfer (online banking) without fees, please contact us directly.

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