spambots and captchas

I'd like to announce a new blog: Spam Bots and CAPTCHAs. Updated twice a week. RSS.
August 01, 2007

web spam (antispam) news

I think that the minor updates of my bbAntiSpam tools are of no interest for the readers of this blog. On the other side, I need to inform about updated. The...
April 05, 2007

Advanced Textual Confirmation is released!

Finally, Advanced Textual Confirmation (ATC) is released. ATC is an universal tool to stop forum spam, wiki spam, guestbook spam, comment spam, and other web...
April 05, 2007

How to stop WordPress spam

My blog is protected by Advanced Textual Confirmation. * No more spam. * No complains from the visitors. ATC is a generic tool, suitable for any PHP script....
March 19, 2007

why to have a forum on a shareware site

I've just answered on a question if it worth having a forum on a shareware site. Yes. Here is why: I have a forum and get the following benefits: * The foru...
March 06, 2007

Textual Confirmation is taking off

Life is strange. The serious software such as TeXML or Consodoc are used by few people only. The side-development, phpBB antispam, is more popular than all t...
December 22, 2006


Created an avatar for use in phpBB forums:
December 06, 2006

bbAntiSpam press-release

Press-release: "bbAntiSpam Tools: The First Anti-Spam Solution For phpBB Forums Has Been Released".
December 05, 2006

Textual Confirmation

I've got stuck in phpBB. I've just announced new anti-spam hack: Textual Confirmation. Yet another must-have for phpBB. Discussion on
October 29, 2006

discrimination of the europeans

Recently I got a complaint from an european user who wanted to buy bbAntiSpam. He was unpleasantly surprised that the actual price was two times more than th...
August 05, 2006

phpBB Antispam HOWTO

Supporting community sites causes pain. One of the new pains is phpBB spam. I've collected my recommendations in the article "phpBB Antispam HOWTO".
July 10, 2006

alternative bbAntiSpam description

Recently I submitted bbAntiSpam to, and now it is accepted. The site owners, however, have re-written the description: This hack makes it so...
June 14, 2006

spam-free phpBB

I'm an owner of a small phpBB forum. Some time ago I was so tired of spam, that spent some time looking for a solution. I didn't find anything I like, so I'v...
April 27, 2006