chess diagrams on A6 cards using LaTeX - 2/2

In the first part I wrote: ``put to a template in your favourite text processor''. Attached is a template (class-file) for LaTeX and an example, the explanations are below.

It seems that skak is the package to typeset chess using LaTeX. (See also an earlier post, ``chess publishing in latex, starting''.)

Unfortunately, sometimes skak ignores castling moves. I'm going to produce a minimal example and submit a bug report. But at the moment, in case case of such error, use the command \fenboard to correct a position.

My class diakarte imports skak and defines two new commands:

\therest{...}: the argument is centered horizontally using \centerline and then centered vertically in the rest of the text flow.

\restcomment{...}: the argument is centered horizontally using \centerline and then attached to the previous \therest.

Something like this:

\restcomment{What now?}

A complete example demonstrates also advanced usage. It is included in the zip-file with diakarte package.

If you've found the package useful, please drop me a note in comments.

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