chess diagrams on A6 cards using LaTeX - 1/2

As a part of improvement in chess, it is often recommended to analyze positions. The idea is good, but how to find time to do it? One option is to use otherwise unproductive time: walking, in bus, queues etc. I have printed positions with me, and always can analyze something.

After different attempts, the best so far option is found:

* I use thick paper index cards of size A6.
* To hold all the card together, I use foldback clips.

Printing, preprinting

Many printers have a special slot to put thick paper into the printer.

I though it is enough to 1) put an A6 card to the slot, 2) print an A6 pdf/ps-file. Unfortunately, no. Regardless of the card size, the printer prints the document like on an A4 paper. As result, the text appears outside the card.

After spending time experimenting with CUPS, I gave up. The next easiest solution is to correctly position an A6 sheet on an A4 sheet.

After some calculations: if I want 1cm margins on A6, I should set the following margins for A4:

* left, right: 64mm
* top: 1cm
* bottom: 159mm

These values are best put to a template in your favourite text processors.

Just for a case, A-sizes:

Part 2

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